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2023-2024 Online College Catalog 
2023-2024 Online College Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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The Core

The Leadership for Sustainable Communities (LSC) core is driven by its learning outcomes. LSC core learning outcomes are built on the premise that all graduates of Saint Joseph’s College of Maine (SJC) have the foundation to become leaders in creating a sustainable future. More specifically, we organize the LSC core learning outcomes around three areas:

  1. Development of Knowledge: Foundational Inquiry & Skills
  2. Sustainability of Communities and the Planet 
  3. Personal Growth & Professional Development

Moreover, the general education curriculum supports several of SJC’s Institutional Learning Outcomes.  Specifically:

  • Identify and apply the ethical and moral dimensions of their particular field of study;
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills in both written and oral formats;
  • Engage in responsible citizenship, social justice, and environmental stewardship;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze and evaluate information from diverse sources and perspectives.

Core Curriculum:

Development of Knowledge: Foundational Inquiry and Skills (15 credits):

English (Written Communication) (6 credits):

Humanities (Philosophical & Historical Inquiry) (3 credits) Choose one:

Introductory Theology (3 credits):

Mathematical (Quantitative Reasoning) (3 credits):

Sustainability of Communities and the Planet (3 credits) Choose One:

Natural Sciences:

Social & Behavioral Sciences:

Personal Growth & Professional Development (6 credits):

Natural Sciences (3 credits):

Artistic Exploration & Expression or Professional Development (3 credits):