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2012-2013 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2012-2013 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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NU 421 - Special Topics: Sleep Promotion


Sleep is a major body function and it is often one of the first bodily functions disrupted or impaired when any type of disruption of homeostasis appears in any body system. Sleep disruption often results in sleep impairment that is a major health risk factor from a variety of perspectives. The focus of this course is on examining normal sleep cycles and characteristics of normal sleep states, examine variables impacting the normal sleep cycle, manifestations of sleep impairment, examine traditional and non-traditional pharmacological, and non-pharmacological interventions for sleep disorders and examine evidence-based research and care to foster and promote healthful sleep patterns for patients across the lifespan.

Prerequisites & Notes
This course is available to GPS students as a Summe Session course only.

Credits: 3 Offered: Summer Session 2012; Semester 201303, 201304

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