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2012-2013 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2012-2013 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

Summer Syllabi 2013

 BA 350 Management Information Systems for Managers (Van Over)
 ED 505 Curriculum Design, Development & Assessment (Nelson)
 ED 512 Educating the Exceptional Student in the Classroom (Trollinger)
 ED 520 Research Design in Education (Willis)
 ED 516 Standards Based Learning & Teaching (Joseph)
 ED 522 Educational Psychology (McPhee)
 ED 524 Digital Strategies for 21st Century Learning (Luopa)
 ED 532 School Finance & Budgeting (Rosenthal)
 ED 535 Organizational Theory & Planning (Eismeier)
 ED 537 Professional Development in the 21st Century (Cohen)
 ED 560 Interculturual Communication & Learning (Zink)
 ED 685C Students on the Autism Spectrum in the Classroom (Charles)
 ED 685B Enhancing Student Support Processes (C.Stone)
 HA 302 Human Resource Management (Lemire)
 HA 350 Leadership in Administration(Pratt)
 HA 515 Health Services Administration (Markowitz)
 HA 545 Research Methods (M. Stone)
 HA 575 Ethical & Legal Perspectives (Connor)
 HA 615 Strategic Human Resources Management (Lemire)
 HA 700 Strategic Planning & Management (Markowitz)
 HY 421 Special Topics: Feminism in the US, 1900-2013(Hinton-Riley)
 MA 205 Statistics (O’Connell)
 NN 421/ NU 685B Food, Nutrition & Physical Activity (P. Watson)
 NU 300 Professional Transitions in Nursing (Harrison)
 NU 312 Pathophysiology (Groves)
 NU 309 Nursing Research ( Aube)
 NU 421A/NU 685A Special Topics: Families at Risk (Becket)
 NU 421C/NU 685C Special Topics: Health Behaviors  (Douglass)
 NU 500 Conceptual Bases for Nursing (Oles)
 NU 503A Nursing Research: Translating Evidence into Practice (Aube)
 NU 503B Nursing Research: Translating Evidence into Practice (Cross)
  NU 640 Planning & Development in Nursing & Health Care Education (C.A. Martin)
 NU 642 Teaching Methods in Nursing & Healthcare Education (C.A. Martin)
 NU 643 Evaluations in Nursing & Health Care Education(Hamilton)
 NP 601 Advanced Physical Health Assessment w/ CHAPE (Johnsen)
 SO 321 The Sociology of Work (Hoop)
 TH 309A/TH 527A Paul & John: Insights from the 1st Century for the of Faith (Hedrick)
 TH 309B/TH 527B Hearts Aflame: Confession & Love in Saint Augustine (Ireland)
 TH 309C/TH 590 Ecclesiology: The Theology of the Church (Marlett)
 TH 226/TH 580 Theology of the Sacraments (Chapp)
 TH 330/TH 530 Christology (Hammond)
 TH 340/TH 582 Theology of the Body (A. Franks)