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2012-2013 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2012-2013 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

Staff - GPS


Kristin Belanger
Project Coordinator

Carolyn Bellerose
Continuing Education Advisor

Jennifer Brayall
Assistant Director of Academic Records

Stephanie Briggs
Admissions Counselor

Alanna Conn
Web Communications Specialist

Janlee Crawford
Special Projects Coordinator

Rose Cullen
Executive Secretary

Gwendolyn DeCicco
Assistant Director of Business Development

Adam Dupuis
Academic Advisor

Roberta J. Edson
Program Assistant

Loni English
Admissions Counselor

Brenda Espeaignette
Program Assistant

Stephanie Garland
Student Accounts Coordinator

William Gordon
Admissions Counselor

June Irvine
Project Coordinator, Continuing Education & Training

Ann Jalbert
Admissions Recruiter/New Student Advisor

Sue Keene
Academic Advisor

Kathleen Kelley-Cochrane
Assistant Director, GPS Operations

Jesse Lane
Academic Advisor

Monika Langley
Assignment Processing/Enrollment Assistant

Sheila Lawlor
Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

Sandy LeBlanc
Academic Advisor/Trainer

Hannah McGowan
Course Technology Production Coordinator

David McCall
Admissions Counselor/Military Advisor

Caroline Meek
Academic Advisor

Jessica Milose
Marketing Coordinator

Holly Paro
Admissions Recruiter/Advisor

Kathleen Reilly
Assistant Director of Academic Records

Brenda Rice
Program Manager, RSA, Health Administration Programs

Anthony Schwieterman
Instructional Designer

Kimberly Smith
Operations Assistant

Bonnie Snow
Enrollment Assistant

Jackie Sovas
Instructional Support Coordinator

Justin Sparks
Instructional Technologist

Myra Stokes
Admissions Counselor

Patricia Storer
Assignment Processing Assistant

Frances Tracy-Dunn
Academic Advisor

Rebecca Turek
Academic Advisor

Janet Waterhouse
Assignment Processing Assistant