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2012-2013 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2012-2013 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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NP 605 - Family Nurse Practitioner II

Provides a problem-based case approach to explore the theories and practice of health care for adults and families 18-60 years of age. This theoretical course can be taken prior to the 200 hours of clinical required with this population. Preferably, the 1 credit FNP II clinical/seminar course, would be taken concurrently. The course is designed to provide experience with assessment, diagnoses, planning and management of patients within a precepted clinical environment for health promotion, simple acute and stable chronic health problems for adults. The clinical sites utilized should be from a variety of rural, urban, at-risk, and underserved populations. The focus is on exploring the roles inherent for the advanced practice nurse who provides primary health care for this population.

Prerequisites & Notes
NP 604, NP 609 (2011-2012)

NP 601, NP 602, NO 603 All MSN Core (2012-2013)

3 credit theory plus 1 credit for FNP II clinical seminar

Credits: 3

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