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2012-2013 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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LTC 460 - Administrative Internship

Designed for long-term care administrators, LTC 460 may also be taken by other health administration students who will benefit from a practicum experience. The course requires the student to develop a program for familiarization with long term care or other health care facility; to spend time with, or otherwise become knowledgeable about, the functional areas or departments of the facility and to complete several assignments relating to that experience. Content areas covered include: Resident/Patient Care and Quality of Life, Human Resources, Finance, Physical Environment & Atmosphere and Leadership and Management.  The length of the internship period may vary, but follows the same guidelines and includes the same type of assignments.

Prerequisites & Notes
All required core courses. Must be taken either with or following LTC 450 or LTC 456.  Requires Program Director approval.

Assignment Overview
Final Assessment: Successful Completion of Internship and Project Paper

Course Learning Objectives
The objectives of this internship are the following: 

  • To provide a planned, progressively comprehensive, supervised training program, combining academic learning with practical experience. 
  • To introduce the intern to a dimension of health care management that will expand his or her knowledge base. 
  • To require the intern to apply management principles learned in class to real-life situations and problems. 
  • To provide an opportunity for interaction between the intern and health care professionals, and to instill in the intern an appreciation of professional attitudes and values. 
  • To reinforce, in the intern, a sense of responsibility toward the profession of health care management, colleagues, resident/patients or clients, and the community. 
  • To allow the intern an opportunity to assume administrative responsibility. 
  • To develop the intern’s communication skills through written reports (including the Project Paper), and through interactions such as meetings and presentations. 
  • To engage the intern in a participatory learning experience that will benefit the organization providing the field experience. 
  • To develop a confident, professional administrator, possessing the necessary skills and expertise. 
  • To assist the intern in preparation for any required licensure exams.

Credits: 3 or 6

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