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2015-2016 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2015-2016 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

Business Administration (BSBA): Accounting Major

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with an Accounting Major meets the needs of those who wish to pursue a career in the field of accounting.  It has been designed to provide a solid foundation for starting a career in the field and for continuing on to a graduate degree, with the possibility of qualifying for the Master of Accountancy Fast Track.  This degree also meets the needs of those who wish to become effective managers of people, projects, or their own business. The curriculum has been developed by professionals with both business and academic expertise. Courses require students to apply what they have learned to a work setting and thus are able to immediately test their personal and professional skills. The program’s goal is to ensure that the graduate will have acquired those sound analytical skills that are necessary to become an effective manager in either public or private institutions.

The program outcomes for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting major include the abilities to:

  • Acquire a solid foundation in accounting practices that may be applied towards fulfilling much of the educational requirements needed to sit for the CPA exam.
  • Complete the prerequisite and waiver requirements for the Master of Accountancy degree
  • Acquire various bodies of knowledge and competencies within specific areas of study or individual fields.
  • Demonstrate critical writing, thinking, calculating, and communication proficiencies.
  • Acquire broad areas of human knowledge to develop intellectual capacity and deepen insight within general fields of study.
  • Understand the foundation of ethical and professional standards including those specific to the field of accounting.
  • Develop a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Obtain credential or degree needed to advance or enter professional career in the field of accounting.


Students enrolled in the program must earn 128 semester-hour credits, 25% of which must be completed through Saint Joseph’s College.

Students may transfer up to 21 general electives and 9 business electives for a total of 30 possible credits transferred.

Business courses consist of 63 credits, with 13 business core courses (39 semester-hour credits); 5 required major core courses (15 semester-hour credits); 3 business elective courses (9 semester-hour credits)

About the Curriculum

The program includes a core curriculum that provides a sound foundation for your degree in business administration. The Accounting major curriculum has been specifically designed to include all of the Master of Accountancy prerequisite courses.  It also provides the students with the opportunity to fast track into our graduate program with waivers for two courses in the Master of Accountancy program.

Master of Accountancy / Master of Accountancy Fast Track

Especially for those with serious goals of becoming a licensed CPA, the BSBA with an Accounting major can accelerate your progress.  The Accounting Major Requirements include all of the undergraduate prerequisite courses (total of 24 credits) required for admission into the Master of Accountancy program.

Students may be eligible to pursue our Master of Accountancy Fast Track to accelerate their progress. With successful completion of undergraduate *prerequisite coursework, students can fast track into our graduate program with waivers for two courses in the Master of Accountancy program.  **Completion of Intermediate Accounting I and II with at least a “B” waives the requirement to take the two equivalent graduate accounting courses (AC500 and AC510; 6 semester-hour credits), thus providing a Fast Track into the Master’s degree.  With waivers, students who elect to take two courses in each of the five ten week terms of the graduate program can complete the program in one year!

Learn more about the Master of Accountancy and the Master of Accountancy Fast Track.

Accounting Fast Track Requirements

*It is highly recommended that students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in accounting choose AC312-Federal Taxation as a business elective to fulfill the prerequisite requirements not satisfied through the Accounting Minor Requirements.

**SJC Students wishing to pursue the Master of Accountancy Fast Track will need to choose AC310-Intermediate Accounting 1 and AC311-Intermediate Accounting II to qualify for the waivers.

It is also recommended that students should determine their state’s accounting coursework requirements to choose appropriate electives.

To learn more about admission requirements and waivers, please visit the Fast Track to Master of Accountancy   page.

Accounting Fast Track Requirements

It is highly recommended that students in the Accounting Specialization determine their state’s accounting coursework requirements to choose appropriate business electives.


General Education Requirements, BSBA

General Education Requirements

(45 semester-hour credits)

English Composition 6 credits
Social Science 6 credits
Science 6 credits
History 6 credits
Philosophy 3 credits
Theology 3 credits
Ethics (PH 210) 3 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Statistics (MA 205) 3 credits


6 credits (to include selections from the arts, literature,
foreign languages, philosophy, theology or history)


General Elective Courses

Additional courses (electives) to complete the required 128 semester-hour credits may be selected from any of the course offerings described in the catalog.

Business Core Requirements

(General Business Administration Degree:  54 semester-hour credits, inclusive of 15 credits of business electives)

(Business Administration Degree with Major:  63 semester-hour credits, inclusive of 9 credits of business electives)

Accounting Major

(15 semester-hour credits)

5 required major core courses plus 3 business elective courses

Required Accounting major core courses:  Credit/Units:  15

Business Electives

15 Credits (general degree option)

9 Credits (major option)

Students may choose from any of the course offerings pertaining to business described in the catalog.  Business elective course options are not limited to, but can include additional courses pertaining to the major.  See list of suggested electives below.


  • Students considering the Master of Accountancy Fast Track should review program prerequisite requirements and waiver options to determine their business elective choices.
  • Students seeking CPA licensure should determine their state’s accounting coursework requirement to choose appropriate electives.