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2021-2022 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog 
2021-2022 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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SW 329 - Writing for the Profession of Social Work

Prepares BSW students to successfully master the skill of writing professionally and effectively.  Coursework and activities provide a hands-on experience with social work writing tasks.  Topics addressed include standards for scholarly writing, conducting literature reviews, writing mechanics, writing logically and coherently, adhering to APA format, writing for social media, the use of strengths-based language, and resume writing.  Intended to strengthen students’ writing, an essential social work skill, and to support students’ efforts on writing tasks assigned in future courses, internship placements, and in the field of social work. Formerly SW 201

Prerequisites & Notes
SW 101 - Introduction to the Profession of Social Work

Assignment Overview
Assignment Overview: 4 small assignments, 1 Quiz

Assignments: Interactivity drop box exchange with fellow students

Final Assessment: paper

Course Learning Objectives
Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate professional demeanor in behavior, appearance, and oral, written, and electronic communication
  • Collect and organize data, and apply critical thinking to interpret information from clients and constituencies
  • Critically choose and implement interventions to achieve practice goals and enhance capacities of clients and constituencies
  • Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environment, person-in-environment, and other multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks in interventions with clients and constituencies
  • Negotiate, mediate, and advocate with and on behalf of clients and constituencies

Credits: 3 credits

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