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2021-2022 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog 
2021-2022 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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RS 460 - Senior Project

Requires students to complete an approved work-related independent study project and write a paper based on it. It involves problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking skills that have been acquired in previous courses and the application of these skills to a specific project that is of personal interest to the student and of value to the profession of radiologic science. Student has 12 weeks to complete the course. Successfully passing this course is a requirement for graduating.

Prerequisites & Notes
All other courses required for completion of the BSRSA degree must be completed before taking this course.  This is the capstone course.

Assignment Overview
This course requires students to submit five units, with the last unit being the final project on which the course grade will be based.

Course Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should have the following:

  • Developed problem-solving, oral and written communication, and critical thinking skills.
  • A deeper understanding and knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Completed a project that is of value to you and the field of radiologic technology.
  • Acquire social interactive skills and role learning.

Credits: 3

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