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2021-2022 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog 
2021-2022 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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ED 301 - Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology is the academic discipline that examines learning, development, self-regulation, and motivation. Educators use their knowledge of learners and learning as they teach in classrooms or provide other child-focused services. Throughout the course, we will examine principles of learning theory in educational settings, the nature of teaching, and consider what is involved in being an effective educator. With the focus on applying the principles of educational psychology and research on learning, the goal will be for the teaching and nonteaching student taking this course to recognize, plan, and present effective instruction. This will be accomplished by using a variety of approaches: discussions, classroom and personal examples, case studies, and reflection.  

Assignment Overview
Assignments:Varied Throughout the Term

Interactivity: Discussion Forums

Final Assessment: Final Project

Course Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to illustrate, in writing, an understanding and application of content as it applies to the following:

  • provide each student a comprehensive background in the field of Educational Psychology;
  • cover topics that engage you in cognitive, linguistic, personal, social, self-regulation, and moral development;
  • expose you to effective teaching practices, case studies, ways of making learners active thinkers, and the role learner’s play in the classroom environment;
  • present you with diverse ways of increasing learner motivation and managing the learning environment;
  • assist you in developing skills that are applicable in one’s daily work and a variety of educational settings as you plan for and instruct students, manage classrooms, and collaborate in professional learning environments; and
  • prompt you to research critical issues related to education (i.e. teacher accountability, proficiency based learning, common core standards, assessment, IDEA) and reflect on their importance in relation to your role in working with children.

Credits: 3

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