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2018 - 2019 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog 
2018 - 2019 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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NP 620 - Family Theory: Older Adult

Provides a problem-based case approach to explore the theories and practice of health care for adults, families and communities in late adulthood in concordance with nationally recognized FNP competencies. The course is designed to provide experience with the assessment, diagnoses, planning, and management and health promotion for elder persons as well as those with complex conditions or multiple chronic conditions.

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites - NP 618 and NP 619

Co-requisite can be NP 621


Course Learning Objectives
The course learning objectives are:

  • Uses ethical principles when making decisions based on the patient visit (MSN Essential I);
  • Discuss health care across the lifespan incorporating ethical, legal, cultural, economic, political and psychosocial principles. (MSN Essential II, VII);
  • Demonstrate appropriate and effective oral and written communication with older adults, their families, and other health care professionals. (MSN Essential VII);
  • Integrates teaching and learning principles and environmental data in providing culturally humble care and developing the role of the family nurse practitioner as health educator. (MSN Essential VIII, IX);
  • Illustrate the elements of developmentally appropriate comprehensive and focused health histories and physical examinations for older adults (MSN Essential IV, IX);
  • Use current research related to diagnostic and treatment protocols to improve the delivery of health care to older adults (MSN Essential IV, IX);
  • Interpret the effectiveness of interventions and care management strategies in improving the health status of individuals. (MSN Essential VI, IX);
  • Synthesize the theoretical, scientific and contemporary clinical knowledge for the evidence based assessment and management of both health and illness states in older adults. (MSN Essential I, IV, IX);
  • Apply research, adaptation and related theories to develop management plans for health promotion, disease prevention, and stable chronic illnesses for older adults (MSN Essential IV, IX)

Credits: 3

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