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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Honors Program

The Honors Program consists of a special version of the College’s core curriculum, and it is intended to give an enhanced academic experience to students who show notable academic potential. In addition, the program features activities outside the classroom, such as concerts, plays, museum visits, and travel.


The Admissions Office, working with the Director of the Honors Program, issues invitations to incoming first-year students based on their record of achievement and potential for academic success as indicated by such factors as high school GPA, SAT scores, etc. It is also possible to be admitted into the Honors Program by individual request after a student has begun studying at the College. The Director of the Honors Program will consider each request, placing particular emphasis on college performance and faculty recommendation.

Minimum Standards

Honors students are expected to achieve grades of B- or better in the Honors courses. A student with a grade lower than a B- will be placed on probation. A student with a second grade below a B- will not be allowed to remain in the Honors Program. In addition, a student must earn at least a B- in Honors Capstone Experience in order to complete the program.

Honors Core Curriculum

In conjunction with the major and enhanced Honors programming, the Honors Core Curriculum provides a basis for lifelong learning and an enduring liberal education. It consists of the following structure:



  • Honors College Writing (EH 101)
  • Honors Modern Global History (HPS 104)


  • Honors Introduction to the Judeo-Christian Tradition (TH 100)
  • Honors Human Nature and Ethics (PH 200)


  • Honors Ecology and the Environmental Challenge (ES 100)

Fourth- Year

  • Honors Capstone Experience (HP 402)


The courses can be taken out of sequence in consultation with the Director of the Honors Program and the student’s adviser.


The rest of the College’s core curriculum requirements (i.e., electives) remain in effect, however Honors Program students substitute Honors Capstone Experience for one of the electives in the category, “The Human Condition and the Human Story.”