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2017-2018 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2017-2018 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

Master of Science in Education - School Educator Concentration

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The School Educators concentration is designed both for practicing classroom teachers seeking to improve their skills and upgrade their qualifications or certification, and for professionals in other fields desiring a career change to teaching. This is not designed as a State of Maine teaching certification program; however, professional teaching certification may be possible through the alternative pathway route of the Maine Department of Education.

In general, this goal is reached through course enrollments by students’ assimilating the results of scholarly research, course texts, discussion board postings of peers, course notes, and interaction with instructors on teaching and learning and integrating it with their individual experiences. This methodology is intended to expand students’ perspectives and thereby expand their abilities to make well-reasoned choices on methods, content and results that would be most suitable to their individual circumstances.
Students in the M.S.Ed Educators Concentration will:

·         acquire an integrated body of knowledge related to teaching and learning;

·         research and critique a variety of issues connected to curriculum, assessment, and instructional strategies;

·         establish connections among theories, research, and practice; and

·         design, develop, and evaluate a final project that demonstrates growth in teaching, learning, or some aspect of education.

School Educator - 33 credits

Choose 5 Elective Education Courses (in addition to courses in core)

Master of Science in Education Electives

Please select 5 of the electives listed.

MSEd Footnotes

  1. Strongly recommended for preparation for the Praxis II “PLT” examination
  2. Strongly recommended for State of Maine Certification in the school leadership concentration
  3. Recommended for the school leadership concentration
  4. Recommended for the health education concentration
  5. Recommended for the school educator concentration
  6. Recommended for the Catholic School Leadership concentration
  7. Strongly recommended for the Catholic School Leadership concentration

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