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2015-2016 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2015-2016 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

RN to MSN Fast Track Program

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Purpose:  To promote master’s degree education among nurses by allowing eligible students to take three (3) MSN courses in place of BSN courses that are then WAIVED in the SJC MSN program.  The Fast-Track option will allow student to complete the MSN degree sooner and at less cost tot the student!  This program is only available for those student who plan to continue their enrollment in the MSN program at SJC.

Once accepted into the MSN program, the student will enroll in up to 3 MSN courses (3-9 cr.) in place of designated BSN courses. ( see curriculum plan below)

Online RN to BSN nursing student can apply to the MSN-Administration or Education fast tracks only.  In order for a student to request a change of track to MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner, they must complete all MSN core courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

RN to BSN to MSN Curriculum

General Education Requirements

Credits Course Number Course Title
3.0 EH 106 English Composition I
3.0 EH 107 English Composition II
3.0 MA 205 Elementary Statistics
3.0 HIS History
3.0 PHL Philosophy
3.0 PH 210 Ethics
3.0 THE Theology
3.0 LIFE SCI Life Science
3.0 PHYS SCI Physical Science
6.0 HMN Humanities
3.0 SOC SCI Psychology
3.0 SOC SCI Sociology


Nursing Transfers & Electives


Credits Course Number Course Title
30.0 +/- NU Diploma / Associate Nursing Credits
26.0 +/- GEN General Electives


RN to BSN Fast Track Degree:  127 Credits


Continue with the MSN curriculum by choosing a specialization.

Choose a Specialization from the following:  Administration or Education  
Total Credits for MSN Degree: 42 - 45 credits
Less the 9 credits waived from above: 33 - 36 credits

Please see MSN program  for Specialization information.


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