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2015-2016 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2015-2016 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

Long-Term Care Administration Major

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This major provides students with professional education in the field of long-term care administration. It includes a combination of courses in general management, health administration and long-term care administration designed to prepare students for positions throughout the long-term care industry. The major includes a specialization in two prominent segments of the long-term care industry – nursing home administration and assisted living administration – preparing students for employment, promotion, or licensure within those areas.

In addition to the required general education courses and the major courses required, students must complete 41 credits of general education electives.  The major consists of 128 semester-hour credits. 

Completing this degree program will enable you to:

  • Acquire a systematic body of knowledge related to the management of long-term care services
  • Apply acquired knowledge and skills to the effective management of long-term services
  • Identify and internalize appropriate standards of professional and ethical conduct
  • Develop effective leadership competencies
  • Develop effective skills for independent scholarship and goal-directed continuing education

The Fast Track to the Master of Health Administration degree option is available.

Students must check with their state licensing board to ensure the courses offered will meet their state requirements.


General Education Requirements

(45 semester-hour credits)

English Composition 6 credits
Social Science 6 credits
Science 6 credits
History 6 credits
Philosophy 3 credits
Theology 3 credits
Ethics (PH 210) 3 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Statistics (MA 205) 3 credits
Humanities 6 credits (to include selections from the arts, literature, foreign languages, philosophy, theology, or history)



After completing all Core Requirements, students take one of the two following specializations, which build on knowledge gained through earlier courses in the program, and apply that knowledge to specific areas of long-term care administration through practicum courses. The number of credits required varies by specialization depending on practicum requirements.

Nursing Home Administration Specialization

(9 semester-hour credits)

Prepares students for licensure as nursing home administrators and has been approved by the National Association of Boards of Examiners for Long-Term Care Administrators (NAB). NAB Program Accreditation Website

Assisted Living Administration Specialization

(6 semester-hour credits)

Prepares students for administration of assisted living facilities.


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