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2017-2018 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2017-2018 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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MB 535 - Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking

Opportunity recognition often is the first step in new venture creation.  In today’s rapidly changing globally interconnected world, organizational success increasingly relies on the ability to adapt with new approaches, learn, and innovate. This course focuses on how creative thinking processes can create value for new ventures or within existing organizations.  Solitary and team-based creative practices inform design thinking to help shape competitive strategy and make a contribution to the greater good.  This may be with respect to new services or products, technologies and processes, ways of doing business and forms of organization, business ventures, logistics and distribution channels, and more. A focus will include opportunity recognition for new venture development and organization design choices that create a context for success. 

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites & Notes
MB515, HR500, MK500, MB525 MB500, MB500, MB540, MB642


Assignment Overview
Assignment Overview
This is an online independent study, weekly structured, 10 week course.  You will acquire the skills outlined in the course objectives through the following activities: 

  • Readings from textbooks, journal articles, and or websites
  • Written assignments consisting of short and long essays for critical thinking and analysis
  • Reflective journal-keeping
  • Case studies

Course Learning Objectives
  • Explain the role of innovation with respect to entrepreneurship and new venture creation, process improvement, business strategy, and organizational success.
  • Apply tools and techniques for creative thinking.
  • Explore cognitive and political dimensions of innovation that create barriers or pathways to innovation and design thinking in organizations.
  • Examine innovation as a process of individual and team dynamics with an iterative component that includes risk taking, successive learning, and failure.
  • Expand the concept of design thinking with its application to servant leadership of innovative thinking via partnering and fostering others’ ideas.

Credits: 3

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