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2017-2018 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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LTC 461 - Practicum in Assisted Living Administration

The course requires the student to develop a program for familiarization with assisted living organizations; to spend time with, or otherwise become knowledgeable about, the functional areas or departments of the organization and to complete several assignments relating to that experience. Content areas covered include: Resident/Patient Care and Quality of Life, Human Resources, Finance, Physical Environment & Atmosphere and Leadership and Management.  The length of the internship period will be 520 hours.

Prerequisites & Notes
Prior to enrolling in LTC 461, the student must have approval from the Long-Term Care Administration Program Manager.

Assignment Overview
The written assignments for this course, since it is a practicum, consist of the reports sent to the instructor by the student. Only the monthly progress reports and the project paper will carry grades. Other reports are required for completion of the course, but will not be graded.

Course Learning Objectives
The objectives of this practicum are:

  1. To provide a planned, progressively comprehensive, supervised training program, combining academic learning with practical experience.
  2. To introduce the student to a dimension of health care management that will expand his or her knowledge base.
  3. To require the student to apply management principles learned in class to real life situations and problems.
  4. To provide an opportunity for interaction between the student and health care professionals, and to instill in the student an appreciation of professional attitudes and values.
  5. To reinforce in the student a sense of responsibility toward the profession of health care management, colleagues, resident/patients or clients, and the community.
  6. To allow the student an opportunity to assume administrative responsibility.
  7. To develop the student’s communication skills through written reports (including the Project Paper), and through interactions such as meetings and presentations.
  8. To engage the student in a participatory learning experience that will benefit the organization providing the field experience.
  9. To develop a confident, professional administrator, possessing the necessary skills and expertise.
  10. To assist the student in preparation for any required licensure exams.

Credits: 3

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