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2017-2018 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2017-2018 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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NP 600 - The Advanced Practice Nurse as Provider

This course is designed for students who anticipate delivering patient care in the advanced practice role of Family Nurse Practitioner. Students will investigate issues that are pertinent to the Family Nurse Practitioner including licensure, certification, malpractice, and prescriptive authority.  Ethical and legislative issues affecting prescriptive authority for the Family Nurse Practitioner will be addressed including controlled substances. Statutory authority for prescription writing protocols is examined.

Prerequisites & Notes
All MSN core courses.

Course Learning Objectives
  1. Analyze the legal and ethical challenges of the advanced practice role and prescribing. (AACN I, IX);
  2. Analyze the intricacies of billing and coding. (AACN IX);
  3. Analyze legal challenges of collaboration in regards to advanced practice nurses. (AACN II, IX);
  4. Analyze the need for professional development in the search for employment (AACN IX);
  5. Demonstrate appropriate and effective oral and written communication with  patients,  their families, and other health care professionals. (AACN VII);
  6. Analyze the role and responsibility of the advanced practice nurse as a healthcare provider in providing culturally humble care. (AACN VIII);
  7. Understand the role and responsibility of the advanced practice nurse in prescribing and managing pharmacological therapy as a part of safe clinical practice. (AACN IV);
  8. Discuss state regulation as it applies to advanced practice nurses and prescriptive authority. (AACN VI, IX);
  9. Analyze state licensure requirements and national certification as a part of safe clinical practice. (AACN III, VI);
  10. Recognize and address issues of substance abuse into safe clinical practice. (AACN III, IX);
  11. Demonstrate understanding of the components of a prescription as it relates to safe practice. (AACN III V, IX)

Credits: 3

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