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2015-2016 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2015-2016 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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TH 701 - Faith in Paul and John

This course explains the nature of faith as expressed in Paul’s Letter to the Romans and in the Gospel of John. While the modes of expression and contexts differ widely between the two authors, a close reading of biblical religious language reveals that their understanding of faith as based on the experience of a personal relationship with God is quite similar, and so provides a reasonable foundation for our experience of faith in the 21st century. 

Prerequisites & Notes
Master’s Degree in Theology or Ministry or 36 credits earned towards the Master of Divinity

Course Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to do the following:

1. Describe and demonstrate close reading of biblical texts.

2. Integrate the understanding of our faith as sharing in “the faith of Christ” with the larger context of the Pauline view of following Christ.

3. Analyze the depiction of faith as “divine abiding” in the Gospel of John.

4. Evaluate the relationship between the crucifixion, faith, and love in the Gospel of John.

5. Formulate a transposition of faith in Paul and John into contemporary ministry and spirituality. 

Credits: 1

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