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2017-2018 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2017-2018 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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MK 302 - Marketing Research

This course introduces students to Marketing Research. It explores the critical importance of Marketing Research through environment, customers, and competitors. Specific areas of investigation will include tools and techniques used to obtain valuable information for better decision-making.   

Prerequisites & Notes
MK 201

Assignment Overview
  • Assignments: 5 Units
  • Interactivity: Discussion Board
  • Final Assessment: Final Project

Course Learning Objectives
 Upon completing this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Define Marketing Research.
  • Examine the research process.
  • Formulate the fundamental principles of Marketing Research.  
  • Evaluate data collection and research design.
  • Apply knowledge of tools and applications

Credits: 3

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