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2022-2023 Online College Catalog 
2022-2023 Online College Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Bachelor of Science, Interdisciplinary Studies (BS, IDS)

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) Overview

SJC’s online Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) program provides exciting opportunities for students to study within and across programs. Rather than be limited to one discipline, IDS students get to challenge boundaries and expand worldviews through learning in more than one academic area.

Today’s businesses are seeking employees who can understand diverse viewpoints, bring together wide-ranging perspectives, and master complex problems. The IDS program will assist students to achieve these personal and professional goals, and prepare them for multiple career paths. Offering at least three fast tracks, the program also provides invaluable stepping stones toward future graduate work.

Students can build their own degree program by choosing two minors from the options listed below. Note: Students who transfer in a high number of electives may only be required to take one minor. Please talk to SJC’s online Admissions Counselors for more information.

Approved Minors for Bachelor of Science,  Interdisciplinary Studies (BS, IDS)
All minors are 6 courses, 18 credits with the exception of the Social Service Profession Minor

Accounting Minor   (also offers Fast Track to MAcc)

Note:  Accounting Minor can be paired only with Business.  In addition, it cannot be taken as a stand-alone minor.

Adult Education and Training Minor  

Business Administration Minor 


Criminal Justice Minor 


Health Administration MInor  

Human Services Minor 


Long Term Care Administration Minor 


Psychology Minor 


Social Service Profession Minor  


Theology Minor   (also offers Fast Track to Masters of Art in Theology)


Requirements for the Bachelor of Science, Interdisciplinary Studies (BS, IDS)
Requirements Special Notes
  • Complete two of the approved minors. Note: Students who transfer in a high number of electives may be required to take only one minor. Please talk to SJC’s online Admissions Counselors for more information.
Up to four course equivalents (12 credits) can be applied to each minor requirement. Students must take at least 18 credits in the major.
  • Complete the online IDS Foundational and Capstone courses (6 credits).
Students can take the foundational course after they successfully complete College Writing. The capstone course is taken after at least 112 credits have been completed.
  • Meet all other degree requirements, including the completion of General Education courses.

Program Outcomes for the BS/IDS are as follows:

  • Acquire various bodies of knowledge and competencies, and deepen insight within and across academic disciplines.
  • Demonstrate critical writing, thinking, calculating, and communication proficiencies.
  • Critique and integrate varying worldviews across fields of study.
  • Understand the foundation of ethical and professional standards, including those specific to areas of study.
  • Develop a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Obtain the credential or degree needed to advance or enter professional careers.