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2022-2023 Online College Catalog 
2022-2023 Online College Catalog

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (BSBA)

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The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program meets the needs of those who wish to become effective managers of people, projects, and/or their own business. The program’s goal is to ensure that the graduate will have acquired the fundamental business skills to become an effective manager in either public or private institutions, in start up or established organizations.

The program outcomes for the Business Administration degree include the abilities to:

  • Acquire various bodies of knowledge and competencies within specific areas of study or individual fields.
  • Demonstrate critical writing, thinking, calculating, and communication proficiencies.
  • Acquire broad areas of human knowledge to develop intellectual capacity and deepen insight within general fields of study.
  • Understand the foundation of ethical and professional standards including those specific to a field of study.
  • Develop a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Obtain credential or degree needed to advance or enter professional career related to each field.

Program Options

Please refer to the linked catalog pages for each program to learn more about each option.

  • The BSBA Degree (general) detailed here consists of general education requirements and business core and business elective requirements. 
  • The BSBA Completion Degree allows for the full acceptance of an associate degree (60 credits) as a “block” transfer without the need for a partnership agreement with degree conferring institutions. General Education requirements consist of business focused courses to complement the business core and business elective requirements.
  • The BSBA Degree w/Banking Major is intended for students to apply credits earned through the Center for Financial Training/Northern New England, towards their major requirements.  General Education requirements consist of business focused courses to complement the business core and business elective requirements.
  • Graduate Degree Options for those considering a graduate degree in business or accounting, please check out the following programs.
    • Master of Accountancy - All of the undergraduate prerequisite coursework may be taken through the BSBA degree program.
    • The Leadership MBA - Eligible students may enroll in one or two graduate courses to complete business elective requirements that will be considered for transfer into the graduate degree program. For more details, refer to the Fast Track to the Leadership MBA program page.


The program includes a core curriculum that provides a sound foundation for your degree in business administration. The business core courses have been carefully chosen and developed to ensure students have ample opportunitiy to learn about this particular discipline within the domain of business.  Drawing from the catalog, the Business Electives provide students with additional opportunity to hone their program of study to their particular interests.  


All options include business elective requirements as indicated in the section below.

Students may choose from any of the electives offered without the requirement to choose a major or concentration. The list of business electives is grouped to indicate related areas of study, concentrations.  Note that some concentrations are also eligible for certificates.


Links are provided to certificates that may serve to fulfill the business elective requirements. Note that some certificates are associated with other departments, but will satisfy the BSBA requirements.

Transfer Credit

Students can transfer in up to 90 credits to the 120 semester-hour credit program as allowed by Saint Joseph’s College policy.  30 semester-hour credits must be completed at Saint Joseph’s College. Transfer credit can be applied to general education, general elective, business core or business elective requirements.

NOTE:  Students who’ve earned an associate’s degree are eligible for the BSBA completion degree

General Education Core Curriculum Requirements

The Leadership for Sustainable Communities (LSC) core is driven by its learning outcomes. LSC core learning outcomes are built on the premise that all graduates of Saint Joseph’s College of Maine (SJC) have the foundation to become leaders in creating a sustainable future. More specifically, we organize the LSC core learning outcomes around three areas:

  1. Development of Knowledge: Foundational Inquiry & Skills
  2. Sustainability of Communities and the Planet 
  3. Personal Growth & Professional Development

Moreover, the general education curriculum supports several of SJC’s Institutional Learning Outcomes.  Specifically:

  • Identify and apply the ethical and moral dimensions of their particular field of study;
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills in both written and oral formats;
  • Engage in responsible citizenship, social justice, and environmental stewardship;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze and evaluate information from diverse sources and perspectives.

General Education Requirements (42 credits)

Development of Knowledge: Foundational Inquiry and Skills (18 Credits)

Sustainability of Communities and the Planet (15 Credits)

Personal Growth & Professional Development (9 Credits)

Additional General Education Requirements (27)

Students must complete 27 credits from the selection of available General Education courses.

Business Core Requirements

(39 semester hour credits)

(36 semester hour credits for banking major option)

*FI 301 not required for banking majors.

Additional Business Requirements (12 Credits)

Students must complete 12 credits from the selection of available Business Electives. 

Business Electives, Concentrations & Certificates

Students are not required to take any particular grouping of courses and may choose any combination from any of the available business electives listed in the catalog.

Preparatory coursework may apply in some cases (check course descriptions for prerequisite requirements)

(certificates offered as indicated)


  • Students may choose from any of the course offerings pertaining to business described in the catalog that are not listed as a business core course in the program option chosen. 
  • Courses have been grouped according to subject matter and in some cases, certificates may apply. 
  • Students considering The Leadership MBA Fast Track Option should check with their advisor to ensure qualification. Earned credit with a “B,” or better will be considered for transfer into the MBA program.
  • Students seeking to enroll in the Master of Accountancy should consider taking all prerequisites (7 courses) prior to applying to the graduate degree program.
  • Students seeking CPA licensure should determine their state’s accounting coursework requirements to choose appropriate electives.

Admission Requirements

Meets all of the admission requirements for an undergraduate degree.

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