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2016-2017 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2016-2017 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

Fast Track to Leadership MBA

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The undergraduate Fast Track to Leadership MBA program allows undergraduate online students in any program who meet the admission requirements to take up to three designated graduate courses from the Leadership Master of Business Administration  as electives in their undergraduate program.  With successful completion of (at least a “B”) the graduate courses taken, students who elect to take two courses in each of the five ten week terms of the graduate program can complete the program in a little over one year.


Qualified students who meet all of the admission requirements enroll in one, two or three of the following three courses, sequentially, in the order listed below.  Note that newly enrolled students are provided with access to an MBA Student Orientation course (non-credit) to prepare for successful outcomes prior to beginning their coursework.

  1. MB500 – Organizational Dynamics
  2. MB642 – Systems Thinking
  3. MB540 – The Economy as a System



Admission Requirements

Miminum Grade

To be eligible for admission to the Fast Track, students must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0

Additional Admission Requirements

The LMBA Fast-Track is intended only for active students who have been admitted to and enrolled in online undergraduate programs.

Bachelor’s degree students must complete a Fast Track to Leadership MBA application.

Students are allowed to enroll in the designated graduate courses, taking one, two, or, three graduate courses in the prescribed sequence in consultation with their academic advisors, provided the following LMBA Fast-Track admission requirements are met: 

  • Completion of all general education requirements
  • Completion of ninety (90) credits in the current program of study
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • At least two years of full-time business work experience
  • A 750 word self-assessment essay.  For detailed requirements, see the Leadership MBA catalog page .


The Leadership MBA courses simply substitute for the undergraduate courses, so students will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in their program upon completing all requirements. Students then enroll in the Leadership MBA with up to three graduate courses already taken. Students who elect to enroll in two courses per each of the five scheduled terms can complete their graduate degree in a little over one year!

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