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2022-2023 Online College Catalog 
2022-2023 Online College Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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NU 453 - Quality Care and Leadership

The first six weeks of this course focuses on working within organizational and community arenas and in the actual provision of care by themselves and/or supervising care provided by other licensed and non-licensed assistive personnel. Students will be able to recognize safety and quality concerns and apply evidence-based knowledge from the nursing profession and other clinical sciences to their practice.

The second six weeks of  this course will examine nursing leadership and management through the use of a systems approach with a focus on quality and safety of patient care. It will examine leadership models, behaviors, and strategic planning at organizational levels.

Course outcomes:

  • Demonstrates professional behaviors in appearance and demeanor; uses legal and ethical principles and becomes an independent learner.
  • Communicates effectively and professionally verbally, nonverbally, in writing, and using computer technology.
  • Demonstrates  effective leadership that is based on accepted principles and standards of nursing practice, reflects evidenced-based care, and is culturally competent.
  • Demonstrates holistic caring behaviors to clients and team members and recognizes the importance of holistic selfcare, community, colleagues on patient safety and team leadership
  • Use evidence-based research to guide best practices for patient safety and leadership of teams
  • Acts accountable in role as advocate, collaborator, teacher, team member, and leader
  • Collaborates with others on quality improvement initiatives that take into account available resources, and the range of activities that contribute to patient safety and the prevention of illness and injury
  • Participate in quality improvement interventions with attention to effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of patients
  • Demonstrates critical thinking focusing on clinical reasoning, problem solving, and effective use of the nursing process.

Credits: 6

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