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2022-2023 Online College Catalog 
2022-2023 Online College Catalog
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HA 511 - Leadership in Healthcare Administration

Explores the competencies required of healthcare executives for organizational leadership. The course departs from a study of traditional operations management theories. It focuses instead on interrelationships of effective executive and organizational competencies, and how the two must interface within an often turbulent health care environment. A healthcare leadership competency model is introduced.

Prerequisites & Notes

Assignment Overview
Assignments: Weekly assignments

Interactivity: Weekly live session

Course Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to do the following

1. Apply Quantum Leadership Principles in a healthcare environment.

2. Explain characteristics of traditional leadership with those of complexity leadership and explain how quantum thinking has influenced movement through the age of technology and throughout the process of transforming healthcare.

3. Summarize the stages of acquiring emotional competence and the importance of self-awareness..

4. Comprehend an effective leader has the ability to initiate and sustain interprofessional collaboration and effective interpersonal communication.

5. Analyze Innovation Leadership and the opportunities associated with leading in a continuously changing healthcare environment.

6. Evaluate your own leadership strengths to leverage and opportunities for growth related to health care leadership competencies and create a leadership development plan.

8. Discuss the role of the leader as an ethical guide for the health care organization.

Credits: 3

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