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2016-2017 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2016-2017 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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ED 590P - Student Teaching

Provides a professional experience designed to demonstrate the candidate’s abilities within a classroom to design and enhance his/her students’ learning, through creation, selection, management, and assessment of appropriate classroom activities, as directed and supported by both a college- course faculty member and a mentoring classroom teacher.

Note: Each participant will develop, deliver, record, and analyze lesson plans; keep a daily log and weekly reflective journal; accumulate appropriate artifacts; and periodically record his/her performance by video, using INTASC (Interstate New Teachers Support Consortium) core standards. Regular conferences between the student candidate, the classroom teacher, and the course faculty member will be held. Students should contact their advisers and the Program Director to initiate the registration procedure for the course. This is normally a twelve-credit-hour course, but ED 590P can be adapted to meet the requirements of the state in which the student seeks certification, upon discussion with the Program Director.  The on-site mentor must be a certified teacher with three- or more-years experience in the same content area.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though ED 590P is a twelve-credit course, it will only satisfy one of the elective course requirements if taken as part of a degree program. Further information and clarification can be obtained from an admissions counselor or advisor. 

Students are required to pay an additional $300 Internship Fee for this course.

Prerequisites & Notes

  1. Praxis I at a score deemed passing in the state of certification (or Maine’s score if state of certification does not require Praxis I).
  2. Appropriate Praxis II “PLT” at a score deemed passing in the state of certification (or Maine’s score if state of certification does not require Praxis II).
  3. Transcripts of required content courses at the credit level required by the certifying state (in Maine, 24 credits). In rare cases the Praxis II Content Area exam may substitute for this requirement, upon petition of the MSEd Program Director.
  4. State authorized fingerprint and background checks (if not required in state of certification then to the level necessary to satisfy the requirements in Maine for certification).
  5. For matriculated MSEd students, one of the final courses of the master’s degree program (must also have successfully passed ED 512 and ED 523 or equivalent courses).
  6. For non-matriculated students, a transcript analysis by State Certification Department of the state where the student is seeking certification confirming all required courses have been successfully completed for certification except for Student Teaching.

Assignment Overview
Assignments: Student Teaching

Course Learning Objectives
  • Placed in a school site and gradually assuming the full responsibilities of a teacher, the student teacher will better understand the meaning of professional cooperation, teamwork, principles of parental involvement, social organization of the school, legal aspects of education, the INTASC Standards, and professional ethics through direct participation.
  • Placed in a school site, the candidate will have the opportunity to observe, assist, tutor, instruct, research, and apply comprehensive knowledge in the preparation, presentation, assessment, and evaluation of lessons and learning.
  • Faced with a diverse population in the classroom, the student teacher will develop effective communication skills with all children.
  • Having a heterogeneous class of children, the student teacher will enhance his/her knowledge of and application of different learning theories, learning styles, teaching strategies, assessment techniques, and effective practices.
  • Faced with daily classroom tasks, the intern will develop and sharpen his/her skills in effective classroom and time management, in using positive guidance with children with challenging behaviors, in transitioning smoothly to different activities, in making judgments and overall supervision.

Credits: 12

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