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2014-2015 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2014-2015 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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NU 645 - Population-Focused Care

Prepares students for advanced nursing roles in the population-focused practice environment. Theoretical content in population-focused care, primary and secondary prevention, community coordination strategies and interdisciplinary collaboration, problem-solving, creativity, and leadership are explored through active learning.

Assignment Overview
  • Assignments: 5 Units
  • Interactivity: Discussion Board
  • Final Assessment: None

Course Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to do the following: 

  • Use a community assessment tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a given geographic area. 
  • Locate relevant population-related health data consistent with existing benchmarks, using local, state, and national Internet resources. 
  • Recognize a population group or geographic community as the client or partner and recipient of ethically- and legally-principled health promotion strategies and activities. 
  • Integrate relevant population-health data into the development of goals and a multi-level, evidence-based intervention plan to influence the health behaviors of a specific population group. 
  • Apply social marketing strategies in developing a health promotion program for a specific population group. 
  • Complete an Internet search for an appropriate funding source or agency compatible with the goals and objectives of the evolving health promotion program. 
  • Integrate the combined elements of this course into a grant application for financial support of the population-focused health promotion activity.

Credits: 3

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