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2020-2021 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog 
2020-2021 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog

Social Work

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The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) focuses on generalist social work knowledge, values, and skills that are necessary to work with disenfranchised populations in our communities. The program provides an academically challenging, socially relevant curriculum designed to equip students with the knowledge, values, and skills necessary for careers in social work. Graduates will be qualified for entry-level positions in service areas such as addictions, child welfare, mental health, and gerontology, and in a variety of settings, including, schools, hospitals, non-profit agencies, and juvenile detention centers.  Students will gain practical experience through two internships, which includes a two-term placement at the end of the program. The College works with agencies and organizations for field placements such as hospital systems, private non-profits, schools, substance abuse treatment facilities, and social service agencies.

Completing this degree will:

  • Prepare students for the Social Work field and state professional licensure.
  • Provide students with a high-quality educational experience aligned with national accreditation requirements.
  • Provide students with an accredited BSW program that is accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) and fits with the mission statement of Saint Joseph’s College.
  • Offer eligible students an opportunity of pursuing one-year of advanced standing toward Master’s degree in Social Work.
  • Prepare students to demonstrate mastery of all core competencies required by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).


Social Work classes:

Course Number Course Name Credits
SW 101   Introduction to the Profession of Social Work 3 credits
SW 207 Brain Processes and Social Work (formerly SW 301) 3 credit
SW 208  Human Behavior and the Social Environment Micro (formerly SW 310) 3 credits
SW 209 Human Behavior and the Social Environment Macro 3 credits
SO/SW 210 Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis in Social Science Research  5 credits
SO/SW 211 Qualitative Methods in Social Science Research 3 credits
SW 329   Writing for the Profession of Social Work (formerly SW 201 and 1 credit) 3 credits
SW 330   Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families 3 credits
SW 330L  ** Social Work Practice Lab 1 credit
SW 331  ** Social Work Practice with Groups 3 credits
SW 332   Social Work Practice with Communities * 3 credits
SW 402   Social Welfare and Policy and Services I 3 credits
SW 403   Social Welfare and Policy and Services II 3 credits
SW 406   Integrative Senior Seminar for Social Work 3 credits
SW 408   Social Work Internship I * 6 credits
SW 409   Social Work Internship II * 6 credits

* Denotes internship course (96 hours in SW 332 and 224 hrs. in both SW 408 and SW 409)

** Denotes that parts of this class are asynchronous​

Please Note: The social work major also requires students to take PY 101 Introduction to Psychology and SO 201 Principles of Sociology. PLEASE NOTE: Students must receive a B- or better in SW 330, SW 330L, SW 331, SW 332, to go on into the senior field course, SW 408 and SW 409.  Students will also need a B- or better in SW 408 and SW 409 to complete the program. Students must also have a minimum 2.5 GPA in the social work major and an overall GPA of 2.5 in order to graduate.

While the CSWE establishes and maintains national standards for all social work programs, each state reserves the right to establish their own standards for licensure to practice within their state borders. It is important to research and understand the proper licensing requirements for your respective state. This is a commercial site listing all state information, no guarantee on the currency of the site. http://www.socialworklicensure.org/

The most current information is always on the state website of the state that you wish to practice in.  You are eligible to be licensed in more than one state if you choose.  The examinations are developed by and processed nationally by the Association of Social Work Boards https://www.aswb.org/  but the person who wants to be licensed contacts the state in which they want to be licensed.



General Education Requirements - BSW

The college’s general education curriculum is a set of courses that reflect the college’s vision of what it means to be an educated person.  It is the heart of our baccalaureate education, and provides the grounding for the student’s major course of study. The core curriculum supports key parts of the college’s mission: to encourage students to explore widely the arts and sciences while they also prepare to lead ethical and meaningful lives and to enhance students’ awareness of human dignity and the meaning of life.  Moreover, the general education curriculum supports several of SJC’s Institutional Learning Outcomes.  Specifically:

  • Identify and apply the ethical and moral dimensions of their particular field of study;
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills in both written and oral formats;
  • Engage in responsible citizenship, social justice, and environmental stewardship;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze and evaluate information from diverse sources and perspectives.

The new requirements consist of four learning themes: Foundations for College Level Thinking, The Human Condition and Human Story, Nature & Society, and Art, Creativity, and Self-Knowledge.  The online general education requirements are aligned with the on-campus core.  Note: Some academic programs have minor variations in general education requirements. Please talk to your Advisor or Admissions Counselor for more information.  


General Education Requirements for BSW
Foundations for College Level Thinking (3 courses)

EH 106 , English Composition I

EH 107 , English Composition II

MA Elective:  Fulfilled by BSW requirement SO/SW210  , Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis in Social Science Research


The Human Condition and the Human Story (6 courses)

HY Course

TH 120 - Embracing the Mercy Tradition   

PH 200 ,  Human Nature and Ethics

Select three (3) Humanities electives from:  History (HY), Theology (TH), and Philosophy (PH)

Nature and Society (3 courses)

ES 101 ,  Introduction to Environmental Science

PY 101 ,  Introduction to Psychology (Required for BSW)

SO 201 , Principles of Sociology (Required for BSW)

Art, Creativity, and Self-Knowledge (2 courses)

Select 2 ACS Electives

Note:  SW101 fulfills one ACS elective.

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