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2019 - 2020 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog 
2019 - 2020 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies (AS): Theology Minor

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)

The Associate of Science, Interdisciplinary Studies (AS, IDS) program provides exciting opportunities for students to explore perspectives within and across programs. Rather than be limited to one discipline, IDS students get to challenge boundaries and expand worldviews. Students choose one minor for the Associate of Science, IDS. The AS, IDS general education requirements are compatible for transfer in fulfillment of some of the Bachelor of Science, IDS general education requirements. Upon successful completion of this minor and other degree requirements, students will obtain the Associate of Science, Interdisciplinary Studies. 

IDS, Theology Minor

The Theology minor offers a solid foundation in Catholic theology and doctrine with a deep spiritual and pastoral orientation. Students interested in studying theology are concerned with the ultimate questions of life and may aspire to work in ministry or are involved with their parishes, diocesan agencies, hospitals, retreat/spiritual centers, or social service agencies.

Program outcomes for the AS, IDS are as follows:

  • Acquire various bodies of knowledge and competencies, and deepen insight within and across academic disciplines.
  • Demonstrate critical writing, thinking, calculating, and communication proficiencies.
  • Critique and integrate varying worldviews across fields of study.
  • Understand the foundation of ethical and professional standards, including those specific to areas of study.
  • Develop a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Obtain the credential or degree needed to advance or enter professional careers.


General Education Requirements: A.S. (2017)

Beginning July 1, 2017, these new general education requirements become effective for online, undergraduate students. The general education requirements address institutional outcomes, support the mission of Saint Joseph’s College, and reflect the vision for an undergraduate education. The requirements span across three learning themes: Foundations for College Level Thinking, The Human Condition and Human Story, and Nature and Society.  Note: Some academic programs have minor variations in general education requirements. Please talk to your Advisor or Admissions Counselor for more information. 

Online General Education Requirements (24 Credits) - Associate Degree programs
Foundations for College Level Thinking (3 courses)

EH 106   English Composition I

EH 107   English Composition II

Math Elective or Math of Major

The Human Condition and the Human Story (3 courses)

HY 104   Modern Global History

TH 100   Introduction to the Judeo-Christian Tradition or TH 101  Catholic Doctrine and Theology

PH 200   Human Nature and Ethics

Nature and Society (2 courses)

ES 101   Introduction to Environmental Science

PY 101   Introduction to Psychology or SO 201  Principles of Sociology


Interdisciplinary Studies (AS) Requirements

Core Requirements

( 6 courses, 18 credits )