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2013-2014 Saint Joseph's College Online 
2013-2014 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

Fast Track to Master of Arts in Theology

The undergraduate Fast Track to Masters in Theology allows undergraduate students majoring in Theological Studies to substitute up to four designated graduate courses from the Master of Arts in Theology program in lieu of four comparable undergraduate courses in Theological Studies. The credit and curriculum requirements in the Masters of Arts in Theology program for these four graduate courses are then waived when the student enters the graduate program.

Currently enrolled bachelor’s degree students must complete a Fast Track application.  Qualified undergraduate students majoring in Theological Studies who have completed the following five required courses and one theology elective course are eligible for the Fast Track.

  • TH 101 - Introduction to Catholic Doctrine and Theology
  • TH 102 - Introduction to the New Testament
  • TH 104 - Introduction to the Old Testament
  • TH 311 - Church History I: Ancient and Medieval Church
  • TH 312 - Church History II: The Development of Modern Catholicism

After being admitted to the Fast Track program, students take four graduate courses in consultation with their academic advisors.

Additional Admission Requirements

Fast track students must have also completed the required English course before taking the two graduate courses.  Of course, the students must meet all the other remaining requirements for the undergraduate degree.

Minimum Grade

To be eligible for admission to the Fast Track, students must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0.


The Theology courses simply substitute for the undergraduate courses, so students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies upon completing all requirements. Students then enroll in the Master of Arts in Theology with up to four graduate courses already taken.