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2020-2021 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog 
2020-2021 Saint Joseph’s College Online Catalog
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TH 32 - Encountering Neighbor: Hispanic and Latino Ministry

Waves of migrants and of refugees pose new challenges to faith-based communities. Keeping the greatest commandment, the Golden Rule, at the heart of ministry work may mean shifting and enhancing existing resources (Matthew 7:12). What if one’s neighbor does not speak the native language? Or, what if one’s neighbor has a culturally different approach to faith? Should these questions hinder any encounters? No. In fact, evangelization and education become more essential. 

This Continuing Education Unit explores the importance of an evangelizing presence. Participants will investigate the importance of collaboration and the current cultural challenges specific to the Hispanic and Latino communities. At the conclusion of the unit, participants will reflect on their current ministry work using the See, Judge, Act Method (Mater et Magistra, No. 236). 

Assignment Overview
6 Lessons - Pass/Fail

Course Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to do the following:
1. Classify the three models of an evangelizing presence.
2. Reflect on the importance of Christ-centered Collaboration in an evangelizing
3. Reflect on the stages of accompaniment.
4. Learn practical, tangible ways to help immigrants within faith communities.
5. Explore the reality of US immigration using the See, Judge, Act Method introduced
by His Holiness Pope Saint John XXIII.
6. Identify and apply the five Principles of Migration.
7. Learn about the history of Encuentro in the United States.
8. Participate in discussion forums.
9. Submit a See, Judge, Act Strategy as a final assessment.

Credits: 0

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