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2019 - 2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019 - 2020 Undergraduate Catalog
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CO 200 - Communications Colloquium

Credits: 1 credit

Is an experiential, collective learning environment, that is designed to be a space for Communications majors to meet as a community, work on the development of their individual new media portfolio, and engage their peers in relevant theoretical discourse.  The class focuses on concept development, problem solving, and story-telling.  Each semester, students will be given a theme and asked to rigorously explore the theme through the creation of new digital works.  Unlike other classes, this course is not medium specific.  Students are encouraged to utilize the medium of their choice.  The interdisciplinary format forces students to apply what  they have learned in other courses to develop their own unique portfolio. 

Only open to Communications and Art and Design majors or with prior approval of the instructor. 

Learning Outcomes
Through self-guided exploration into their own new media practice and in class discussions, students will:

  1. Develop an understanding of how to use the design process to solve problems (does the product show evidence that the student uses design process to find the best solutions to the problem?);
  2. Develop visual and written communication skills;
  3. Engage in analytical criticism;
  4. Advance their personal portfolio  (did the student’s professional portfolio expand over the semester?);
  5. Complete service and community projects that engage the public;
  6. Develop a strong technical background across disciplines  (were there signs that the quality of the student’s professional portfolio improved?);
  7. Acquire knowledge of best practices in career development in the communications and new media fields;
  8. Apply research and collaboration skills while practicing effective time management  (were projects complete on time, with rigger, and using all available resources?);

Frequency of Offering:
Every Semester

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