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2016-2017 Saint Joseph’s College Online 
2016-2017 Saint Joseph’s College Online [Archived Catalog]

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HE 200 - Introduction to Community Health



This course introduces the student to the field of community health. The relationship between coordinating networks, health service organizations, government, and voluntary-based agencies will be introduced. Students will experience a cursory exposure to health education and health promotion as a profession. 


Assignment Overview
4 Units and a Final assignment. Each unit consists of a quiz, discussion item and written paper.

Course Learning Objectives

  Upon completing this course, you should be able to do the following: 

  • Describe the nature of community health initiatives and program planning.
  • Identify health-related issues for given populations within a community.
  • Identify health-related organizations at the local, state, national, and international level.
  • Assess community health needs and implement programming to address those needs.
  • Identify the health profiles for the various age groups – infant, child, adolescents, young adults, and adults – listing the major risk factors associated with health-related issues. 

Credits: 3 Offered: Online

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