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2006-2007 Catalog 
2006-2007 Catalog [Archived Catalog]



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Degrees are awarded each spring and winter. Final examinations and degree requirements must be completed by April 1 to graduate in the spring, and by December 1 to receive a degree in the winter. Students are encouraged to attend the commencement exercises on campus in the spring and will receive details about graduation upon successful completion of all degree requirements.



To be eligible for graduation, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. For an undergraduate degree program, complete satisfactorily the number of undergraduate credits required in the program with a 2.0 grade average, and an average of at least 2.0 or higher in their concentration, major, and minor;
  2. For a graduate degree program, complete satisfactorily the number of graduate credits required in the program with a 3.0 grade average;
  3. Complete satisfactorily all program degree requirements as defined in the particular program by April 1 for May Graduation and December 1 for December Graduation;
  4. Return a completed application for graduation to the GPS Graduation Coordinator by January 30 for May Graduation and September 30th for December Graduation;
  5. Pay all outstanding Saint Joseph’s College debts; and
  6. Pay the graduation fee per the tuition and fee schedule:

Honors — Graduating With Distinction (undergraduate candidates only)


Graduating seniors are cited for graduation honors on their transcripts and diploma. Un­dergraduate degree students, with at least 63 credit hours earned at Saint Joseph’s College, who have achieved a cumulative index of 3.90-4.0 graduate summa cum laude; those with a cumulative index of 3.70-3.89, graduate magna cum laude; and those with a cumulative index of 3.50-3.69 graduate cum laude. Undergraduate degree students who have earned between 54 and 62 credit hours at Saint Joseph’s College and who have achieved a cumulative index of at least 3.50 graduate cum laude. The cumulative index for the purpose of graduation with distinction is based on the students’ records at Saint Joseph’s College.

Honor Societies


Delta Epsilon Sigma

Delta Epsilon Sigma, a national scholastic honor society for students of Catholic colleges and universities, has been represented at Saint Joseph’s College since 1950 by the Beta Omicron Chapter. Membership in Delta Epsilon Sigma is based on leadership, service, superior achievement in the student’s academic program, 3.5 average or better based on a minimum of 63 semester-hour credits of Saint Joseph’s College courses only, and the student’s indications of future creditable use of that achievement in bringing the principles of a sound Christian philosophy to bear effectively upon the problems of a modern free society.

Sigma Theta Tau International

Sigma Theta Tau International honor society for nursing students, has been represented at Saint Joseph’s College since 1987. Saint Joseph’s College Department of Nursing is one of three colleges forming the local chapter Kappa Zeta Chapter at Large. The mission of the Honor Society of Nursing is to support the learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses committed to making a difference in health worldwide. Membership in Sigma Theta Tau International is by invitation only. Invitations are extended each spring based upon leadership, service, and superior achievement in the student’s academic nursing program. Students must have completed a minimum of one half of the required nursing course requirements and must have attended summer residency. Graduate students must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and undergraduate students must have a 3.0 or higher GPA.